4 Sales Fundamentals, Whether You Are Working the Booth or the Phones

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I had the opportunity to write an article for the Tradefest.io website about how telesales and trade show expo booth sales should be done in similar ways.

I have been in sales and sales leadership for more than sixteen years. Most of that time has been spent running inside sales teams in call centers with anywhere from ten reps in one office to one hundred reps spanning four offices in three countries. One day, my company decided to develop an employee benefit program, which resulted in me temporarily leaving the world of headphones and reports to stand in a trade show booth.

“Despite what they say in the movies, the ABCs of sales means Always Be Curious.”

Growing up, my main experience with expos had been our town’s annual RV or Home & Garden shows. As a kid, I thought the point was to walk around and fill a bag full of weird free gifts, samples, candies, and every flier possible. When I got home, I would pour out the bag like I had just gone trick-or-treating, eat the candy, and play with all the free samples. My dad would take the fliers he wanted, and the rest would get thrown away.

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