Some salespeople who struggle with hitting their goals think if they just follow Bob Berg’s advice (focusing on getting people to know, like, and trust them) that the sales will just happen.

That advice is incomplete.

Compounding the problem for most people in sales is the fact they feel like “classic” sales is gross, based on bad experiences they had in their own life.

If there is one thing I know, it is that your audience, and every audience, could benefit from learning how to persuade more effectively.

Imagine if there was a way to help them shift their mindset about selling, see their role as something completely different than they thought a salesperson was supposed to do, and provide them with takeaway tactics they could use to close more deals?

With titles like Persuading Like A Professional, The Future Of Persuasive Telesales and When Empathy Is Not Enough, Jason Cutter will bring a roadmap to your audience about a vital, and profitable topic, in a fun and relatable way (hint…Jason was so determined to avoid sales, service, and even people-related careers that he got his bachelor’s degree in Marine Biology from U.C. Santa Cruz and tagged sharks for years.)

No matter your event, your audience, your theme, or your venue…Jason will deliver value to your audience that will have a clear Return On Investment ($$$) for them.

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About Jason Cutter

Author | Selling With Authentic Persuasion: Transform from Order Taker to Quota Breaker.
Host | Authentic Persuasion Show & Scalable Call Center Sales Podcast

Speaker & Sales Coach | 
Cutter Consulting Group  

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"Jason is a fantastic resource for financial professionals seeking to improve their sales process. As a meeting professional, I am always looking for speakers who can bring a fresh perspective on topics to our members, and Jason delivered. FSP can't wait to hear more from Jason!"
Patricia P. McFadden, MBA
Managing Director | Society of Financial Services Professionals
“OMG! Jason just delivered a knock-out sales presentation for our group of female entrepreneurs. He is not only highly informative, but he also made the often-scary topic more accessible and fun for our members than we thought was possible. When are you coming back, Jason?”
Libby Gill
Founder | 2X Club
“We were honored to have Jason present at our Industry Impact roadshows. He was able to tailor his talk to our audience to maximize relevance, fostered interaction and engagement with our attendees, and delivered an incredibly useful talk loaded with takeaways and action points for our audience.”
Ian McRae
Director of Content | LeadsCon​
"Jason is a dynamic and engaging speaker who knows his material and brings up the energy level of any room he's presenting to! A wonderful person to work with, I have had the pleasure of seeing him speak, and booking him to speak, at events from 75 - 3,000 people, and he brings the same enthusiastic spirit no matter what setting. I highly recommend him as a speaker for groups looking to improve their efforts in sales, lead generation, performance marketing, and management. A true professional, he is also funny, kind, and someone you want to work with. I always look forward to our next show together."
Heather O'Connell
Director of Events | Access Intelligence
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Persuade Like A Professional

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