You realize the importance of a strong sales team. 

Without Sales, Marketing can only gather the leads at the top of the funnel. Walking a prospect through the buying process requires more than just having a prospect fill out their information online.

It’s the type of enrollment conversation that would be best done by a sales team over the phone. Sales can uncover the prospect’s needs, provide the solution, and complete the transaction.

We Specialize in Working With Companies Selling Products and Services 

Perhaps you are the visionary who developed the idea for the product/service, or maybe you are more of an operational manager.

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The challenge is that you are not a sales manager.

You wouldn’t know the best way to write a sales script, set up the phone system for the team, develop sales-based training, source leads for the team, hire the right types of salespeople, or manage their effectiveness on a daily basis to ensure the team is generating profitable sales.

If you want to utilize an inside sales call center team, either in your office or located anywhere in the world, use the contact page to set up a complimentary discovery call for us to explore your goals and best options.

With CCG, you get years of sales team development experience in all areas that create Sales Success. In addition to our team, we will bring in all the needed partners to ensure your new sales team achieves your profit and volume goals.

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During Covid-19 we realize the importance of remote work. Our team in San Francisco, San Mateo, Mexico, and Asia Pacific have mobilized a response by banding together digitally. We are monitoring the situation on a daily basis. We are committed to sharing our training resurces, and continuing to hold our clients high.
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Do you want more sales? Watch Our Latest Webinar

There are so many ways to increase the performance of your inside sales teams. Make sure you watch our latest webinar “3 Ways To Avoid Sales Team Failure: How to Use Systems to Achieve Scalable Success”

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“McDonaldize Your Sales Process”

“Do you know how many hot dogs you sold today?” 

Love it or hate it, McDonald’s runs an amazing operation. No matter where you go in the world you will get pretty much the same experience due to their franchise model.  

Franchises have semi-automated systems that track their people’s performance and their sale’s reps KPI’s. Can you say the same about your B2C operation?