Episode 22 – All Personal with Jason Cutter: Selling with Empathy

On this episode, I talk to Roxana Radulesca, host of All Personal Podcast, about selling with empathy and how this is a game changer in your sales career.

Main topics:

  • When you work in sales, ‘your job is to be a consultant, almost like a doctor: ask questions, figure out what they need, figure out how you can help them and then present them with one or two solutions that have been customized for their situations’.
  • ‘Everybody is always going through something in their life.’
  • Hear what people say and not say
  • Sales and relationships – they’re the same, you need to be able to listen and show empathy
  • Diagnose, prescribe and move forward: I know I can help you and here’s how.
  • Use persuasion, not manipulation!
  • Empathy is huge, necessary and very much missing in sales and a lot in life, where people don’t care what other people are going through.
  • If you don’t know what the right door is, test and check a lot of doors.
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