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Every Say is Saturday interview with Jason Cutter and Sam Crowley Every Day is Saturday Authentic Persuasion

As I have got more and more clear on my highest value to sales reps, sales teams, and business owners, my message has become more specific.

And the platforms…stages…where I can share my passion are getting bigger.

I am very excited to be interviewed on the Everyday Is Saturday Podcast!

One of my first times speaking about Authentic Persuasion. How the combination of mindset and tactical can take you from basic to a sales rockstar.

And definitely the biggest audience that my message is going out to (he has over 18 million downloads of his podcast).

Plus, since Sam knows me pretty well, we spoke a lot about my journey to get where I am now, and why I am so passionate about helping salespeople.

Whether you want to hear more about my background, get to know me better, or hear my thoughts on why most salespeople fail and what to do about it – check out the episode:

Download it, listen to it, and share it with everyone you know in sales.

Help me get the message of Authentic Persuasion out to help get reps from Order Taker to Quota Breaker!

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And if you run a company and want your whole team to go through the AP training program, email or call me and we can talk about special group programs available.

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