Go From Order Taker To Quota Breaker With Jason Cutter Pt1

Kim Thompson-Pinder, International Best-Selling Author, The Extraordinary Word Ninja and founder of RTI Publishing as she interviews authors, professionals, entrepreneurs and coaches who have a powerful message to share that builds people personally or professionally and their writing journey. 

What is one of the biggest things that stop entrepreneurs from succeeding in reaching their sales goal? Fear of having those sales conversions. They are great at meeting new people and talking to them but how do you take it to the step and convert them into new clients and customers. That is what Jason Cutter shares with Kim in this first of a two-part series on the Author Authority Podcast.

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He can talk about sales, Authentic Persuasion, mindset, windy paths, or just life in general. 

Send him an email: jason@cutterconsultinggroup.com