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I was provided another chance to write a guest blog post for IHRIM (International Association for Human Resource Information Management). If you missed the first one, check it out here. This time I wanted to tackle the discussion of sales metrics that should be tracked and how Human Resource Managers can utilize an HRIS to provide support to Sales Managers.

Having lead sales teams in the past, it never feels like there is enough time in the week to coach, lead, and manage the reps in the sales trenches towards victory and proactively monitor all the important metrics.

If you are in an HR role (or you know an HR professional…share this article with them) and you have an HRIS system in place, then there are ways you can help support the sales team.

How HR Can Help Sales Performance Tracking

“What isn’t measured, isn’t managed.” We have all heard something similar, usually attributed to Peter Drucker, the father of management thinking. We know it to be true, so how well is measuring being done in your organization?

The great part of managing a sales team is that very clear metrics for success exist. Did they close enough deals or not? At the highest level of accountability and results-based management, that is all that matters. However, even if a sales team is winning every day, month, or quarter, there will always be sales reps who aren’t. The most challenging part of managing a sales team is that it is full of humans. The job itself requires them to be mentally capable, physically present, and emotionally focused.

Who’s Analyzing the Data?
The HR person might assume the person in charge of the sales team is tracking all the critical metrics, with a watchful eye to negative performance trends and a goal of implementing proactive coaching to ensure all the individuals stay on the right path.

In my experience, that assumption is generally incorrect. Most sales managers are great at working with their team, keeping them motivated, solving problems on the sales floor, and getting stuck deals to move forward. They shouldn’t be the only ones pouring over data and analyzing where issues will come from.

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