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Optimize Sales Performance. Convert More Leads. Increase Revenue.

How We Help You

Our goal is to help business owners who are not getting the lead conversion results needed from their B2C inside sales call center team. We are vertical and location agnostic. As long as you are selling over the phone to the U.S., we can help optimize performance.

Call center and cubicles

Using an inside sales channel to take a product or service to market? We can develop it from the ground up. Our focus is implementing scalable systems to achieve your revenue and growth goals.

What We Do

Decrease the Cost Per Acquisition and increase your profit per sale

Achieve scalable results from your inside sales team

Optimize the performance of your sales team and marketing

Increase the lifetime value of your clients

Sell your product or service with an inside sales call center

Set up sales systems and processes

Cutter Consulting Group Jason Cutter

I started Cutter Consulting Group because of the recurring issues that affected business-to-consumer (B2C) inside sales teams.

Over and over again, I have seen inside sales teams built on the backs of superstar agents and managers who were top sales reps, all while spending money on marketing without optimizing it for the best Cost Per Acquisition (CPA). This old school way of “hoping” the sales reps will close enough deals is not an effective long-term strategy. And it is definitely not scalable. Read more…

Jason Cutter

Founder of The Cutter Consulting Group

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