Jason Cutter: Sales Training With A Human Touch

Join Up Dots Podcast, hosted by David Ralph, is a top ranked entrepreneur podcast!

During the show we discussed such weighty sale subjects,  such as:

Why children are amazing salesmen and negotiators and know the skills that make things happen right from the start.

I shared the steps I took to build my business from the strengths, by realising my strengths and asking for help for my weaknesses

Why it is such a great idea to find a business partner to get you going as its hard to build a business.

and lastly……..

The reasons why people have a desire to get into cages with great white shark.

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Would you like to have Jason as guest on your podcast? 

He can talk about sales, Authentic Persuasion, mindset, windy paths, or just life in general. 

Send him an email: jason@cutterconsultinggroup.com