Lessons From Martech West 2019 – Pt. 2

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Why is it so difficult to align sales and marketing?

The second interesting part of the Martech West 2019 Conference was the relative focus on holding sales accountable.

You see, the conference was being held by marketing technology specialists FOR marketing professionals within their respective organizations.

Should marketing and sales be on the same team?

Those professionals are responsible for the creation of Market Qualified Leads (MQL) that the sales team could call on.

While most of them were in the B2B marketing and sales space the challenge was still the same as I have seen in so many organizations: the battle between sales and marketing.

Marketing is tasked with the creation of leads for the sales team, with a set budget to operate.

Sales wants better leads that are easier to close and generally feels that marketing could do a better job. 🙄

There was a term used in a session that I had heard before as a reference to my role within many organization: Smarketing or SMOPS.

Smarketing = Sales & Marketing.

SMOPS = Sales & Marketing Operations

Both terms refer to the blending of these departments within the business org chart so that they fall under one C-Level exec or VP.

Sales and Marketing Officer

I was once the VP of Sales & Marketing (thus being called the VP of Smarketing). And it was one of the best decisions made by the owner. 🙏

It allowed for both departments to fall under one leader to help bridge them together into one cohesive unit.

When an organization does this, it allows marketing to be optimized for producing the most viable prospects. And it allows for sales to understand what marketing is doing and that they are both on the same team.

SMOPs is really focused on any department that is involved with revenue and customer experience.

Does your organizations have a SMOPs or Smarketing leader in place❓❓❓

If not, how is the relationship between the lead generation side (marketing) and the sales team❓❓❓

If it’s not ideal and you feel there should be ways to improve it for the sake of the team’s morale, business revenue, and client satisfaction – use the CONTACT Form to schedule a discovery call to see what strategies might be available for your organization.

[The Featured image for this post is from the Forrester Research article titled B2B Buyers Make The Case For Better Marketing And Sales Alignment. Click here to read more.]

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