Lessons From Martech West 2019 – Pt. 3

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The Top 5000 Marketing Technologies - So many solutions!

With the age-old battle between marketing and sales, I have found the best solutions come in the form of digital transformation and provides automated intervention. 🤝

At the conference I saw many solutions that organizations use like what I have had built for customized applications. (And that image above is just the Top 5000 available on the market)

One of the questions I get most is: What phone and CRM system do you have your clients use?

And while it feels like business tech jargon, it’s true – I am agnostic.

That means I do not have a required phone system, or CRM, or lead provider, or marketing type, or business model.

I have preferences based on experiences of what works best. But each company is different.

The best way to hold sales accountable is to put in technology to do it for them. ⚙️

There are simple tools that can be implemented to do the little things that sales people don’t usually do but will pay big dividends for the company’s bottom line profit per sale.

Most of it focused on ensuring that the leads being generated are followed up on early and often to achieve the highest level of contact and results.

If you are having this issue (as most sales organizations I know are) I have some solid systems we can get your company, or your clients if you are a vendor, up with to increase your lead conversion and decrease your Cost Per Acquisition. Use the CONTACT Form to set up a time for us to talk.

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