Lessons From Martech West 2019 – Part 4

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In this last (for now) installment of what I realized while at the Martech West 2019 conference is the expanded perspective of what is referred to as CX – The Customer Experience.

With the technology available there are so many varied ways to enhance the CX to provide a better level of service to customers.

It is especially important in this digitally connected age where a good reputation will keep your company headed in the right direction and bad experiences will spread online like wildfire.

CX is very important and I have spent many years in organizations focused on the customer experience and journey to produce raving fans that will generate referrals.

Sales Experience

But one part that I see a lot of organizations gloss over is the SX – Sales Experience (I have not seen that term used before…I feel like I just made it up, especially in terms of the customer sales/buying experience).

What is the Sales Experience?  It is how the prospect feels about the marketing and sales process. It is their experience starting with their initial marketing contact, whether that is a television ad, Facebook form, email, banner ad, or cold call.

And it carries all the way through to a fully executed, closed sale.

How did they feel once they bought your product or service?

Did they feel good about it? Satisfied and happy that what you offered solves some type of issue they have?

Or are they hit with buyer’s remorse? Do they wake up at 2 am in a cold sweat angry at themselves?

Do they feel ‘icky’ after getting off the phone with your sales team member?

Achieving Long Term Success in Sales

Whether you are a business owner, sales leader, or salesperson, you are in the business of generating revenue from closing deals. But how much effort have you put into developing your SX such that it is facilitating your long term success plans?

The best way to achieve your growth and profit goals is through the creation of raving fans that produce referrals of their friends and family to your company. That is the gold at the end of the rainbow.

If you have not built your SX with that in mind then you will find it difficult to scale to where you want to go.

There are small but vital ways that you can ensure that your marketing message is in line with your sales conversations, leading to the right expectations being set for your fulfillment teams.

For Sales Managers Leading Sales Teams

Here are a few high-level questions to ask yourself or your team:

  • Will the prospect hear the same message from the salesperson that was in your marketing/branding?
  • Is the right expectation in the prospect’s mind is set by the marketing department?
  • Is the sales team providing value and solutions to each prospective client that is in their best interest long term? (No matter what industry or product/service you are selling)
  • Once the prospect becomes a client, are they getting what was sold to them?
  • Is there a solid referral generating system in place that combines personal contact with automated systems?
Why not check out the Sales Experience podcast here.

If you have answers to all of these then your organization is set up for SX success. If you want help crafting the ideal SX for your prospects and clients, use the CONTACT Form to set a time for a complimentary discovery call.

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