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This year I spent some time to develop my own personal mission statement and core values. If you are unfamiliar with it, a mission statement is the guide post of your focus and will determine why and how you make decisions with your life (or business).

This it not the same as a vision statement, which I have not written for this yet. I have a page with information about me. And if you want to read more crafting a mission statement, check out this article. 

Why did I do this? As a entrepreneur there are a million different projects and directions I could work on (or at least it feels that way in my mind). The mission statement helps me maintain my focus on where my efforts are best spent. This will help drive every interaction I have, every post I write, every podcast episode I record.

The core values are reminders of what matters most. When a decision comes up, what is the right answer? Check the core values to help guide that decision. If I am feeling stressed, overwhelmed, dealing with a challenging person, or facing a new situation, my core values keep my mind in the right place for who I am and what I believe in.

Everyone will have a unique mission statement and core values. I encourage everyone to craft your own, for yourself, your family, and your business (and if you are an employee at a company, make one for you as an employee for what you stand for and how you want to operate).


Empowering people to live a joyful life by maximizing their strengths to positively impact the world around them!



In life we all have ups and downs, triumphs and challenges. For most events in our life, if we look back and put it into perspective of everything we have gone through, overcome, and/or dealt with so far, then things will seem much better. If you step back far enough you will appreciate the good stuff and realize the other stuff doesn’t really matter.


You can make a big impact on others, and yourself, when you have the goal to be empathetic. When you care about each person, whether you know them deeply or have never met them, you will have a different attitude in your mind. Empathy will help you focus on what other people might be going through. Empathy is the key to not judging others, being upset about what people do that you might not like, and to wanting the best for them in their life


Change is a constant, life is always evolving, the world around us is in a state of flux. Being able to adapt to your current environment or any situation you are faced with is key for being joyful. When you can roll with whatever is happening you will find that life is so much easier. Your job is to adapt to the situation and move forward, not to grasp to stay in your comfort zone.


Being deeply curious about the world allows you to see opportunities to learn, grow, and to help others. When you want to discover more in every situation, conversation, or relationship you are in, you will continue to expand who you are and your impact on the world around you.


Happiness is conditional, Joy comes from a deep, unconditional place. Enjoy life and everything that happens. Every situation, place, person. If you want there to be, there is always something to enjoy, and there is always a silver lining.

If you want help developing your personal or business mission statement and core values, or you want to join me on my mission, email me at jason@cutterconsultinggroup.com or use the CONTACT Form to set up a time for us to talk.

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