CCG Partner Program

Welcome to the CCG Partner Program

What is a Partner Program?

It is when someone (you) decides to find potential clients for your partner (us/CCG), bringing them leads ranging from contacts to pre-sold engagements. In exchange, you will get paid some amount of money.

What are the benefits of the CCG Partner Program?

(Basically…Why the heck would you want to be a part of this?)

  • Earn money

A great way to supplement your current income with revenue earned from bringing us new clients that sign up – think “gig economy” but way bigger rewards than driving Uber.

  • Provide Value

A complimentary offering to your clients/contacts that provides value to them, helps them achieve their goals, and makes you look like the hero for connecting them to us.

  • Get Sales Tips

What we provide to our clients is help to improve their selling effectiveness. So, we figured it was only right to provide that to our Partners as well. We will give you regular selling tips, strategies, and ideas that you can take with you into any of your sales conversations. Whether you make any Partner deals happen or not, we want to give you a long-term advantage in your selling career.

  • Listing on our Partners page

Our goal is to have everyone on our team be featured as a resource for the people who find CCG first and are then looking for other ways to help their business or career.

  • Be a part of the Movement

It is one thing to sell something to help make more money. It’s another to help people with something that you believe in. Our Partners are totally onboard with the Authentic Persuasion movement and know that its not just a way to sell more – it’s changing lives and businesses.

What are the Requirements for being a CCG Partner?

Its really simple:

    • Fill out this form
    • Digitally sign the Partner Agreement
    • Watch the introduction video regarding what you can do to succeed as a CCG Partner
    • Start having conversations that turn into submissions to CCG!

That’s it. No painful application, no long training program, no list of rules and requirements. Like any relationship – it is either a good fit or not and shouldn’t be about trapping you in with expectations or structure. We want you to go out there looking for opportunities to improve people’s selling effectiveness which will lead to individuals and businesses generating more revenue and achieving their goals and getting rewarded for facilitating it.

Oh yeah…the money part…what could you earn?

That depends, of course, on many factors. One is how many clients you send over that sign up. The second is what they hire CCG to do. Partner commissions start at 10%, and CCG consulting programs start at $5,000 and go up from there. We have short term, one-time clients as well as long term, 6/9/12 month arrangements. The more and/or higher value clients you help us work with, the more you will earn. The individual coaching programs begin at $1,000/month.  Imagine if you helped enroll 5 new coaching clients who stayed with that program every month for a year!