[002] Selling Your Call Center, with Richard Kommit

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Scalable Call Center Sales
Scalable Call Center Sales
[002] Selling Your Call Center, with Richard Kommit

In the realm of call centers, how crucial are creativity and innovation? What are some of the factors that make the industry fail?

Lack of marketing is one reason why a call center falls short of its full potential. It is critical to recognize that the industry’s ultimate goal is to sell its value proposition. Clients may evaluate your integrity when you sell for value rather than money, which also will keep them in a long-term business relationship.

In this episode, Richard Kommit, President of Kommit & Company, and I talk about his experiences in the Call Center business. We also talked about some of the challenges that the industry face.

Learn about building long-term business relationships, selling your value, and how to sustain a Call Center business.

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