[005] Call Center Leadership, with Fred Stacey

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Scalable Call Center Sales
Scalable Call Center Sales
[005] Call Center Leadership, with Fred Stacey

How do you magnify your leadership role in the Call Center Industry? What constitutes a great-performing team?

Whether it’s inbound or outbound sales, a lack of training and leadership will have a significant impact on your team’s productivity. Simply being able to sell does not imply that you can also teach, motivate, or lead a group. To be a great, positive leader, you’ll always need the correct skills, training, tools, and resources.

In this episode, Fred Stacey from Outsource Consultants, talked about his experiences as he helped failing contact centers recover throughout his 25-year career. We also discussed sales enablement tools and technology, and how they fit into the sales process.

Learn about utilizing technology and tools, successful leadership, training, and management.

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