[006] Scaling Your Brand Awareness, with Kenneth “Shark” Kinney

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Scalable Call Center Sales
Scalable Call Center Sales
[006] Scaling Your Brand Awareness, with Kenneth "Shark" Kinney

What is the pinnacle point between marketing and sales? Where can they both succeed in their own fields?

The purpose of marketers and salespeople is the same. However, the way you approach a consumer and devote your attention to them is vastly different. This is something that businesses will have to deal with internally. Those who give superior service and experience, are more likely to deliver, convert, serve, and turn clients into long-term connections.

In this episode, Kenneth Kinney, a seasoned veteran for Marketing and Advertising in the Call Center Industry, and I talk about his experiences in his marketing and sales career. We also discussed how to break through the silos that exist between each function in the sales process.

Learn about the difference between marketing and sales, branding, agency work, and lead generation.

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