[316] Shifting Behaviors, with Sean Doyle

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Authentic Persuasion Show
Authentic Persuasion Show
[316] Shifting Behaviors, with Sean Doyle

How many sales and marketing steps do you have? Does having a sales & marketing process help you win more deals? The “fun” part in sales lies in the fact that buyers can be picky, overly cautious, impulsive, and even suspicious. The only thing that works for some as unstable as this is to work under a structured framework. At the end of the day, everyone wants to have a system that just delivers repeatable, consistent results, and profitability, right?

Most of the businesses would identify with the experience of hiring an ad agency, a marketing person, a developer who can help improve the website, and nothing happened. They can’t figure out why there were no results. What’s happening in those situations? This only proves that you need to have a formal sales & marketing process.

In this episode, Sean Doyle, co-founder, principal, and director of strategy at FitzMartin talks about the application behavioral science revolutionizes the art of sales & marketing. Mr. Doyle discusses how cognitive marketing supports our sales process to help businesses have an alignment in terms of sales & marketing.

Learn to understand where your buyer is in a cycle and how to leverage the tools necessary to implement and succeed a process. Rather than only choosing to make decisions based on thoughts and emotions, choose to use the power of data and a scientific approach to your business.

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