[317] Check Your Baggage

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Authentic Persuasion Show
Authentic Persuasion Show
[317] Check Your Baggage

Drop your baggage. Do you carry positive baggage of stories, hope, and empathy in your sales role?

Don’t let the negative baggage weigh you down. The mental baggage that you carry daily with you is based on your experiences. As a salesperson, how you present to others in your sales career will determine the effectiveness of your conversations.

In this episode, I talk about having someone analyze your conversations with clients to find limitations about yourself, how your decision-making process affects the way you close, and how unpacking your baggage of feelings towards other people in your sales role is a better way to serve clients.

Learn more about why you shouldn’t sell to people the same you want to buy with the given example of a car salesperson having a tough time selling Mercedes to their clients. 

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