[323] Always Be Helping with Collin Mitchell

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Authentic Persuasion Show
Authentic Persuasion Show
[323] Always Be Helping with Collin Mitchell

Learn how to transform your sales team from order takers to quota breakers. Significantly increase your revenue and create scalable sales systems, you should be listening to Authentic Persuasion Show with Jason Cutter!

A lot of people think persuasion is a bad word, but rather it should be used properly and done right. A good intention is a skill that will serve you in many areas of your life both personally or professionally and it will help a person understand what’s going to happen if they don’t go on that journey.

In this episode, Collin is a 4X founder passionate about sales and serving others. His current ventures include Monster VoIP and SalesCast. He loves everything about sales and still makes cold calls for fun. In fact, he is a practitioner, not just a founder who wants to help people.

  • Here is something we do or other people do as well is to ask for “feedback”. Not just ask for feedback that you win but, ask for feedback from the business that you lose as well, the people that say no to your sales.
  • Number one rule if anyone pushes me in the corner and says give me one piece of advice to help my sales career – “Do the opposite of what everyone else is doing.”
  • When we ask for a feedback, a lot of times people were just confused about something or there wasn’t really good clarity around or maybe they aren’t listening and made an assumption along the way that just made them ghost the sales rep, stop taking the calls, not sign the deal, could be there was a crappy discovery done, or something didn’t get uncovered.

Learn about: Persuasion, getting feedback in sales that has been won and lost, take responsibility and not relying on others

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