[338] APS Live with Jarrett Thomas (Replay)

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Authentic Persuasion Show
Authentic Persuasion Show
[338] APS Live with Jarrett Thomas (Replay)

How do you build a relationship with somebody who doesn’t know you on the other end of the line? What do you say to keep their attention? If you are randomly calling, emailing, or directly emailing your prospects, STOP! It is NOT a numbers game. Become useful and help your prospects. Create value by providing your prospects with useful bite-sized information.

How annoyed were you when answering your last cold call? Your customers feel the same way. Instead of resorting to cold calling, create content that can potentially get thousands of views — and STILL hit that same target audience. This makes you more relatable. Even if people don’t know you, they may know your posts and content. That’s how you create demand. It’s just like being on the phone with the customers, proactively answer their questions through content.

In this episode, we have invited Jarrett Thomas, Senior Account Executive at iPullRank, podcaster, content creator, and digital marketer. He shares the strategy to create valuable content that can reach your target audience better than cold calling. Jarrett explains the importance of knowing your prospects: have a working knowledge of each potential customer, the problems they face, and how your product can solve those problems — instead of presenting the hard sales pitch on your first interaction.

Listen in, discover how to stay authentic throughout your sales process, move that “conversation” to a discovery call, then nurture interactions and relationships have with your clients. It’s all about building authentic relationships and be a relevant resource to solve their pain. When you do that, you don’t have to sell to people. They come to you when they’re ready.

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