[340] APS Live with Collin Mitchell (Replay)

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Authentic Persuasion Show
Authentic Persuasion Show
[340] APS Live with Collin Mitchell (Replay)

What are the benefits of being authentic? How can a mindset help you achieve your goals? The most common mistake is focusing your energy on one activity. Look at what you’re doing and think about it like a professional.

Most content you see scrolling through social media is from “the pros” – people who have been doing this a while. They aren’t overnight successes. They put together nice videos, look good on camera, and sound confident. It’s well crafted.

In this episode, Collin and I talk about how to be authentic and persuasive. Believing in yourself and what you sell creates a positive mindset, why having a personalized email can be tough, and how being yourself can advantageous to reach your goals.

Learn about constructively doing top-funnel activities, using videos for prospecting, being authentic, having the right mindset, investing time to ask for help/ feedback, and using the phone as your primary channel for sales.

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