[343] Leadership and Sales Success, with Evan Knox

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Authentic Persuasion Show
Authentic Persuasion Show
[343] Leadership and Sales Success, with Evan Knox

Want to separate your company from the competition? How do you set the right expectations? Building and scaling a successful company could be a difficult venture. One of the challenges to small business organizations is to bring in the wrong type of salesperson.

Many times, companies do not set the right expectations or over-promise on deliverables. If the sales team set the proper expectation and do not oversell, that boosts customer lifetime value. If you’re in marketing, be willing to learn every single time. Successful business owners over the long term are humble and teachable, they’re not afraid and not flying blind.

In this episode, Evan and I talk through how to transform your team from order takers into quota breakers. Common observations plus the marketing side. The minute we over-promise in marketing or sales, it does not help the company. We walk through the value of the product.

Learn about sales and marketing, messaging, and strategy. Significantly increase your revenue.

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