[348] Martech and Sales Success, with Benjamin Shapiro

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Authentic Persuasion Show
Authentic Persuasion Show
[348] Martech and Sales Success, with Benjamin Shapiro

Why is there a fine line between marketing and sales? How will you interpret the data gathered to create a lead indicator? Does your marketing data translate to effective sales? Does the structure of your business matter?

Information is at every customer’s fingertips. Companies struggle to sell products and services to new customers and retain loyal customers. The pressure is on the marketing and sales department to find solutions to effective customer cohesion and to keep satisfaction maximized.

In today’s episode, Benjamin Shapiro and I discuss how cohesiveness between marketing and sales is the starting point for a company’s success, the secrets of effective marketing, the recipe to understand your customer’s standpoint, and why a personal company is a successful company.

Learn about effective data gathering and interpretation, productive marketing and sales collaboration, the limits of persuasion, and maintaining business relevance.

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