[349] Why Promoting Your Top Sales Reps Doesn’t Work

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Authentic Persuasion Show
Authentic Persuasion Show
[349] Why Promoting Your Top Sales Reps Doesn’t Work

Have you ever thought of promoting your top salesperson into a lead role? Thinking that a top salesperson, as a leader, equates to a top sales team? Have you provided them enough support, to help assist you in reviving your company?

“Survival of the fittest”, as what the law of the jungle says and that is true in the business industry. It takes an astounding amount of effort, resilience, and knowledge to outwit the competition. Hence, it is befitting that selecting the correct leader should be done not in haste, not in desperation, but with accurate judgment.

In this episode, I talked about the proper way of selecting your next leader, the difference between a top salesperson vs. a good leader, the importance of learning the correct language, and the key to a successful company.

Learn about leadership, decision-making, team-motivation, and building the correct framework for your company.

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