[350] Networking: More Than Who You Know, with Frank Agin

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Authentic Persuasion Show
Authentic Persuasion Show
[350] Networking: More Than Who You Know, with Frank Agin

Are you having trouble trying to connect with people? Feeling blanked out and not knowing what to say? Do you want to know how to lead a conversation in your favor? Any businessperson would feel the itch to strike a deal. However, it takes a lot of mental fortitude and persuasion to close the deal.

Forging business relations is the hardest aspect of the business to build. It takes time, dedication, research, and a lot of trust to maintain the connection. And a single mistake, in a business decision, is all it takes to ruin your reputation.

In this episode, Frank Agin, Founder & President of AmSpirit, and I talked about building professional relationships and business networking. We talked about the long term and short-term prospects of building relationships, the ugly side of networking, and how the new normal changes the perspective of relationship building.

Learn about expanding your network and its advantages, the importance of building your credentials, being authentic, and its relevance to the golden rule, and how to build trust.

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