[353] Using Your Voice More Effectively, with Tracy Goodwin

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Authentic Persuasion Show
Authentic Persuasion Show
[353] Using Your Voice More Effectively, with Tracy Goodwin

Have you utilized your voice to its max potential? Do you have a problem in connecting with your clients? Do you have that resonance in you? Having a conversation, as a salesperson, might be too linear. You offer your services, you persuade them, then you close the deal. But persuasion demands a resonance in emotion.

Our subconscious mind can pick up even the tiniest sound around us. And people’s subconscious, operates differently. It can be loud, quiet, moderate, fast, slow and that’s the challenge that every salesperson needs to address.

In this episode, Tracy, Founder of Captivate the Room, and I talked about the psychology of the voice. Things about the different voice elements and varieties, the mystery behind our subconscious minds, the importance of emotional resonance, and how sales are relative to everyone’s life.

Learn about the different tactics to utilize your voice, the right way to use mirroring, how to control a conversation and craft the perfect words, and how to use your voice to transform people’s lives.

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