[361] APS Live with Rob Howze

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Authentic Persuasion Show
Authentic Persuasion Show
[361] APS Live with Rob Howze

Do you know your clients well enough? Have you formed an emotional connection with them? Have they expressed their trust in you completely?

People are born unique, hence our decisions and how we execute them are dependent on that unique trait. Aligning oneself to your clients will already give a big advantage against your competitors. Now, cultivate that connection and have a conversation with one another to earn your client’s trust and everything starts from there onwards.

In this episode, Rob, an Empowering Artist and Founder of CampFit, and I discussed about the importance of building empathy in sales conversation. We talked about how to connect the dots to bring people close, the steps to make yourself relatable, the key to build trust and uncovering the deepest level of truth.

Learn about how to properly introduce yourself to your client, why empathy is the key to a successful business, the importance of doing everything in order, and how to utilize technology to your advantage.

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