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Authentic Persuasion Show
[362] APS Live with Aleasha Bahr

Is it a bad idea to promote salespeople? What’s the good idea? Organizations move people up thinking that because they sell well, they can lead well. They have the wrong expectation at all levels. Most organizations barely provide sales training. They provide some sales training and then they hope that people do it or they play a number game.

A lot of people are good at something but don’t know how to teach it. Companies tend to promote top salespeople into a leadership role, into a management role, into a team lead role and they’re working their way up in there. For top salespeople where it’s either natural or they’ve worked on those skills, it’s really hard for them to coach other people. That’s what it takes for organizations who want to be successful is actually investing time and effort with those leaders and managers so that they can be effective.

In this episode, Aleasha, a sales and marketing coach, and I discussed sales management. We talk about the main premise of the five love languages and how is it connected to sales management.

Learn about sales management, things to think about when promoting a salesperson, an effective way of promoting a salesperson, leadership, and listing.

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