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Authentic Persuasion Show
Authentic Persuasion Show
[363] APS Live with Kwame Christian

Are you terrible at negotiating? Do you want to improve your negotiation skills a notch? Do you want to know the secret to your business success?

Negotiation is simply an agreement of the terms between the two parties. As simple as it sounds, the tremendous pressure and intimidation a negotiator go through is not simple at all. It requires more than words but also the harmony in emotions, goals, and potentially, a conflict of interest.

In this episode, Kwame, an Attorney, Professor, and Director of the American Negotiation Institute, discusses negotiation tactics with me. We talk about how negotiation makes your life better, the limitless power of negotiation, and the must-learn compassionate curiosity framework.

Learn about building your confidence, how to lead and facilitate your team, the process of negotiation in sales, and how to start a conversation.

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