[370] Sales Succes through Mindfulness, with Joy Rains

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Authentic Persuasion Show
[370] Sales Succes through Mindfulness, with Joy Rains

How does being mindful has a great impact on your sales profession? Where should you focus on to achieve success? Mindfulness is an awareness of the present moment. Noticing your visualization and affirmations would be things to do when you’re not with your customer to train your mind.

Mindfulness helps you respond consciously rather than react unconsciously. Meditation is a practice of training your mind. So it goes where you want it to go rather than where the horse wants it to go. We need to assign meaning to situations in order to function in the world. However, we also can benefit by understanding the meaning we’re assigning to things and then asking if this is true.

In this episode, Joy, an author, loves introducing people to mindfulness skills, and I discussed how can you practice being mindful and how it’ll help you as a sales professional. We talked about what can you do to keep engaged with your customer and how you can make your customer feel that they’re being understood and that you meet their needs.

Learn about the benefit of being mindful, how you can apply it to your sales and marketing, what opportunities you can have by being mindful, and how does being mindful will help you reach your success.

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