[372] APS Live with Casey Hasten (Replay)

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Authentic Persuasion Show
Authentic Persuasion Show
[372] APS Live with Casey Hasten (Replay)

Do you want to scale down your turnover-rate to scale up your business? Are you tired of wasting most of your resources hiring employees without plans to stay for the long haul?

Today’s recruiting environment has never been more challenging. Just when you were working to meet your recruitment quotas, the whole world went sideways. Amidst all the chaos, how do you stay focused on your business goals and hire the right candidate?

In this episode, Casey, a Podcast Host, and Director of Recruiting, and I discussed sales and recruitment. We talked about the challenges SMEs face to scale up their businesses and how sourcing and hiring the right virtual candidates have been extra challenging to recruiters in this unprecedented time.

Learn about how to integrate your virtually-recruited employees during this crisis, creating the distinction between work and life, and acknowledging the importance of setting standard work protocols as we try to adapt to the changing times to fit the circumstances of what COVID-19 has brought us.

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