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Authentic Persuasion Show
Authentic Persuasion Show
[374] Virtual Sales Tips

Are you out of ideas on what to do during the pandemic? Are you concerned about how to transition your traditional sales persona to the virtual space?

With the risk of spreading the virus in mind, the business world made the largest shift towards the virtual space. Different companies are now slowly adapting to the new normal and embrace what the future holds for them. It may have been forced on salespeople, but if we want to survive, we must adapt.

In this episode, I discussed how the pandemic changed the salespeople’s regular course from in-person meetings to virtual meetings, how to maximize the digital tools and sales activities that will carry us through this crisis and beyond, and most importantly, the importance of staying authentic to our clients in person or digitally.

Learn about proper grooming, virtual etiquettes, fixing mannerisms, and why being authentic is the key to survive as a salesperson during the pandemic. As salespeople, we are to continue to successfully adjust to this monumental change in strategy.

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