[375] The Success Finder, with Brandon Straza

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Authentic Persuasion Show
Authentic Persuasion Show
[375] The Success Finder, with Brandon Straza

Are you seeing stagnant sales figures despite the fact that your sales team looks busier than ever? It could be because your salespeople have fallen into the trap of bad sales habits and toxic sales strategies. The real question here is what makes a good salesman?

Selling is all about connecting and build real and genuine relationships. You want to become a partner and a consultant to your prospect, and not just someone who wants to sell them something.

In this episode, Brandon, founder of the company Success Finder, and I talk through about effectively helping and solving customer’s problems. We talked about how you show your sincerity in your voice to show your customer their best interests and your willingness to help them.

Learn about creating value on what you’re selling, being genuine and natural as a salesperson, and how can you show your emotion through your voice.

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