[377] Enrolling versus Selling

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[377] Enrolling versus Selling

What does it mean to ENROLL versus to SELL? Enrollment may be seen as similar to selling, but it is not the same thing. However, it is true that those who are very good at enrollment, have no trouble selling. So what should your focus be?

When people hear the word “sales”, it’s almost synonymous with “pitch”, delivered by someone who does not truly listen and fully understand what his customer wants or needs, but enrollment is a different way of approaching the situation. Yes, you may want a particular outcome – a new client, but the result will be best for you when you approach the situation by finding out what your customer wants first and directing your conversation toward that.

In this episode, I talk about the terms enrolling and selling and their distinction. Also, I discussed what does persuasion takes part in these two.

Learn about the difference between enrolling and selling, what roles these two are playing in sales and marketing, and is enrolling really better than selling in sales?

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