[378] Network Marketing Sales Done Right, with Richard Brooke

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Authentic Persuasion Show
Authentic Persuasion Show
[378] Network Marketing Sales Done Right, with Richard Brooke

Have you encountered weird-looks when introducing yourself as a salesperson? Do you find it difficult to convince prospect clients? All businesses need to sell to survive but why do so many people are repelled against the idea of a “salesperson”?

It is common to see bad apples mixed in a stack of good ones, this is proven to be true in the business industry as well. Being marked with a negative branding is catastrophic for people who are honest and authentic with their craft. It suddenly becomes hard to convince other people because of a disaster associated with you – all caused by the bad apple.

In this episode, Richard, a Veteran in the Marketing Network Industry, a Coach and an Author, and I discussed about the state of sales and marketing. We talked about the stigma associated to sales and how it painted a bad reputation in network marketing, the new way of selling, the mindset of a successful salesperson, and why it’s hard to associate authenticity and selling.

Learn about the upside of network marketing, the importance of building relationships with clients while maintain your social media presence, and most importantly the element of authenticity and rawness in dealing with prospects.

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