[381] Selling From The Heart, with Larry Levine

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Authentic Persuasion Show
Authentic Persuasion Show
[381] Selling From The Heart, with Larry Levine

How do you show your authenticity to your clients? Does your authenticity build around your interest in profits? Or is it to deepen the relationship and create an image of charisma? Do you want to transform your selling such that it would be your new calling?

Humans are naturally emphatic. This is precisely why authenticity is the beacon of a salesperson to success. However, authenticity is now being misused and misrepresented. It is now linked to being fake and having no desire to think of the clients’ well-being. When will be the right time to change this? – Now is the right time, and it starts with you.

In this episode, Larry Levine, author of “Selling from the Heart” and the Co-Host of Selling from the Heart Podcast, joined in the show to discuss how to sell from the heart effectively. We talked about the importance of relationships, their lack of adoption in the general sales community, the salesperson’s mindset, should practice, and why first impression matters.

Learn about the importance of building a meaningful relationship, having a learning mindset, creating your impression, and why interactions are essential as a salesperson..

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