[392] APS Live with Maya Connet (Replay)

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Authentic Persuasion Show
Authentic Persuasion Show
[392] APS Live with Maya Connet (Replay)

Can sales be a career for women? How are women making a shift into tech sales? Women are effective in sales because they are good listeners. If most of the time is spent listening to clients, the salesperson gets a wealth of crucial data to build a compelling, collaborative, consultative, mutual success plan to achieve a partnership. Nurturing is needed in enterprise sales. Salespeople must engage with buyers as people first, and employees second. A “human” gesture can be as simple as remembering someone’s favorite wine or inquiring about their spouse is an approach in the human first element. In the end, customers do business with people they like.

Not many women choose sales as their career, especially in the tech business. Most women are great with interaction and communication but never consider a career in sales, due to lack of existing role models. It starts in perceiving that it is possible for women to be in sales. There is a need to teach the next generation that it is an exciting, as well as lucrative career and that it relies on the strengths of women’s relationship building.

In this episode, Maya Connet, an Enterprise Revenue Director of Clary, and I discuss what saleswomen in tech business are doing to change the industry. We talk about the priority of digital transformation. We also touch on why it’s necessary to understand what virtual sellers are doing now.

Learn about why women have the ability to be effective in sales, the nurturing aspect in enterprise sales, human first, employee second approach, collaborative selling, texting as the new frontier and texting relationship.

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