[394] APS Live with Michael Ferree (Replay)

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Authentic Persuasion Show
Authentic Persuasion Show
[394] APS Live with Michael Ferree (Replay)

Have you effectively utilized your prospect client’s data to close a successful deal? How has lead generation evolved throughout the years? Does traditional marketing still work, or will it eventually go out of date?

Time passes by quickly, and the business industry would likewise adapt to these changes. Techniques and strategies will never be obsolete; they will be repurposed and reinvented to address the new changes in the rapidly growing society.

In this episode, Michael, Founder and CEO of Lead Generation World, and I talked about lead generation. We talked about its various aspects and evolution throughout the years, subscription-based lead generation, challenges in performance marketing, and the perception towards sales in the mental aspect.

Learn about navigating around uncertain scenarios, the importance of handling your customer’s data appropriately, how to be successful in sales, and how to be authentically persuasive in writing.

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