[396] Door2Door Success, with Sam Taggart

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Authentic Persuasion Show
Authentic Persuasion Show
[396] Door2Door Success, with Sam Taggart

What does it really take to be successful in door-to-door selling? Analyze the situation, be intuitive and come up with a way to break the ice and have a good authentic conversation with who you are selling to, and then do the transaction.

The three types of salespersons are “dinosaurs..” herbivores (they take the leads and transact), carnivores (hunters), and omnivores (leads, online transactions knocking on doors). There are different approaches: first, when the salesperson knocks on your door and sells you their product and closes the transaction on the spot, or second, appointment setting for the closer.

In this episode, Sam Taggart, the Founder of The D2D Association, D2D Con, The D2DExperts, speaker and author, and host of D2D-Podcast, and I discuss what he has learned in his years of experience in door to door sales and know about his journey. We also talked about the different approaches in the D to D space.

Learn about the mindset of a door to door salesperson, how to overcome door to door sales challenges, and how authenticity fits in, in this realm.

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