[E188] Know Your Numbers with Casey Carroll (Full)

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Authentic Persuasion Show
Authentic Persuasion Show
[E188] Know Your Numbers with Casey Carroll (Full)

Normally I record episodes in advance, get them ready, schedule them, and do my best to have the conversations and content be “evergreen” (so that it is long-lasting and not trendy and short-lived). 

Given the situation in the economy, with the Covid-19 virus driving most companies in America to have their teams work from home, it is causing a lot of challenges for sales organizations.

Casey Carroll and I have a conversation that centers on performance marketing, sales success, and knowing your numbers. While this is a very important topic that most business owners, sales managers, and even reps should listen to – right now it is even more timely as we discuss why these metrics are so critical in good economic times and bad ones (like the recession we are potentially heading into)

Because of the relevance of this topic and our conversation regarding sales and the economy, I decided to release the full conversation in one episode. I did not want to make this a 4 part series as I wanted you to listen to all of it as soon as possible.

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