[E200] Sales Recruiting with Ken Lazar – Part 1 of 4

You are currently viewing [E200] Sales Recruiting with Ken Lazar – Part 1 of 4
Authentic Persuasion Show
Authentic Persuasion Show
[E200] Sales Recruiting with Ken Lazar – Part 1 of 4

Are you in a hiring position, challenged with finding top sales professionals to join the team?

Are you a salesperson looking to get your next great sales opportunity?

In this 4-part series, I speak with Ken Lazar from Ability Professional Network. Having helped hire over 12,000 people, he knows a thing or two about both sides of the hiring process – both from the recruiting/company end and from the new employee looking to come on board. We talk about both parts, plus what his tips for the priorities of a new salesperson when they get hired. 

In Part 1, Ken and I talk about:

  • Recruiting, sales and marketing require the same starting point – knowing who your ideal prospect/candidate is
  • Salespeople – make sure you are a good culture fit with your company
  • Finding top salespeople in this job market

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