[E240] Book Review: Five Love Languages

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[E240] Book Review: Five Love Languages

One of the best leadership and management books I always recommend is the Five Love Languages, by Gary Chapman.

Might seem like an odd choice for a ‘business’ book, but it is vital if your goal is to have your team members, coworkers, managers and other stakeholders feel like you truly care about them.

Yes, we know the axiom in sales – people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. That is a classic strategy to employ for sales success with prospects.

But it is also important to remember for leadership. 

People who might follow you need to know you care about them first.

Check out my breakdown of why I think the Five Love Languages is a must-read, and if you haven’t – get a copy of the book, and then have you and your team take one of the free online tests to determine which one you are.

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