[E244] Prejudging Their Ability To Pay

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Authentic Persuasion Show
Authentic Persuasion Show
[E244] Prejudging Their Ability To Pay

Unless you are a clairvoyant – stop trying to assume you can read your prospect’s mind.

You will be wrong most of the time.

Especially when you assume that they won’t want to pay your price.

In my experience, if you are afraid of the price/cost conversation, it’s because of either/both of these reasons:

1) You have seen their bank account balance, checked all their credit card limits, appraised their house value, checked their business line of credit, and confirmed that all of their friends, family, co-workers, and neighbors will not help them in any way, or

2) You haven’t done your job completely of helping them see the value they will get from your product/service.

In today’s episode, I expand on the trend I have seen and where it comes from – where reps are prejudging either that someone can’t afford it…or won’t want to pay your price.

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