[E246] Directing Revenue, with Maya Connet (Part 1)

You are currently viewing [E246] Directing Revenue, with Maya Connet (Part 1)
Authentic Persuasion Show
Authentic Persuasion Show
[E246] Directing Revenue, with Maya Connet (Part 1)

The new school of B2B sales is about relationships.

It is about being intentional with your prospective buyer, treating them like a human, and supporting them in their goals. 

That is how you win in sales – especially ones with longer sales cycles.

In this episode we talk about women in sales leadership roles, what HBR noted as the reasons, and how things could totally change with remote working.

Maya is a Director of Revenue and shares about relational selling in a B2B environment. 

Really its about going outside of what you might think it takes to close a deal and be successful.

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