[E256] Fitness Sales Success, with Justin Hanover (Part 1)

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Authentic Persuasion Show
Authentic Persuasion Show
[E256] Fitness Sales Success, with Justin Hanover (Part 1)

Are you a fitness business owner that wants to build an efficient, effective, profitable business that actually adds to your lifestyle? Entrepreneurs often say business strategies, sales strategies, and business tactics are the keys to being successful. But what if I tell you none of it matters unless you have your mindset right?

A lot of service based businesses originally thought when they first get into business, their plethora of certifications is the driving factor for people to want to try their services. But most business owners didn’t know that these customers do not know about your certifications and they absolutely do not care. Now, the deciding question for people to consider your business lies on: Can you help them? Do you understand where they’re at? Can you provide a solution to people’s problems? Because that’s ALL THAT MATTERS!

In this episode, Justin Hanover of Fitness Business Foundations talks about profitable business, and achieving sales in the approach of Health and Fitness and apply across different industries.

Plus, learn about the foundation of having the right mindset to attract customers into your business!

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