[E259] Fitness Sales Success, with Justin Hanover (Part 4)

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Authentic Persuasion Show
Authentic Persuasion Show
[E259] Fitness Sales Success, with Justin Hanover (Part 4)

With things going on because of the global pandemic, people are forced to embrace the new normal. That goes the same for businesses. Industries have learned to adapt working remotely or virtually, when it seemed to be impossible before all these crazy times.

For health and fitness, a lot of instructors have gone online coaching in the space of health and fitness. This goes to show that the business thrive not primarily because of its equipment and physical facilities but because of the coaching aspect. 

It’s the accountability aspect. That’s what’s going to help people make habit shifts to then make the transformation that they want.

Most businesses have always limited themselves into face to face sales transactions. Because that’s what they are used to. 

But if a business believes they’re providing value and care regardless of what platform they use to deliver their service, then technology can absolutely be in their favor.

Because that’s all what matters in the business – shifting the gears to adapt and meet the needs of the customers.

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