[E261] Relationship Building, with Matt Ward (Part 2)

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Authentic Persuasion Show
Authentic Persuasion Show
[E261] Relationship Building, with Matt Ward (Part 2)

The number ONE Pillar in the four-pillar strategy is over-deliver. Let your work speak for itself. Be so great at what you do. Exceed your client’s expectations. Show up and give an extra mile in your service. That’s a quicker turnaround. That’s a better product, a better service. 

The four pillars are over-deliver, listening, surprise, and not self-serving ads. If you apply those elements not just to your clients but all your contacts, you’re going to get business. They will surely help you evolve and get into the centers of influence. That’s the reciprocity effect that kicks in when you start to do the work that you do.

But most of the time, salespeople shortcut the system to get clients. People have to realize that the most simple and effective strategy is to build touchpoints and nurture that relationship ongoing and be present.

Network with your clients. Look for opportunities to connect people with other people. It’s all about those relationships that you just keep building over time. And you nurture them. You stay in touch.

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