[E262] Relationship Building, with Matt Ward (Part 3)

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Authentic Persuasion Show
Authentic Persuasion Show
[E262] Relationship Building, with Matt Ward (Part 3)

Salespeople are often shortsighted and focused on just one thing. And that one thing they focused on is money and it is rampant in the world of business. When people are focused on money, they’re not focused on helping. And when they’re not focused on helping, they don’t nurture relationships and build that care that is very vital in building relationships to have the best clients and referrals you will ever get.  You don’t get referrals for meeting expectations, you get it for crushing expectations.

It is also important to know when to say NO to customers or turn away someone else because you helped them go somewhere else who can give them just the right solutions and services that you think are fit for them. This is a strong trait of being ethical and clients take notice on this and they start immediately referring you because YOU are ethical.

If you’re in business, realize that the goal is not to sell a hundred percent of the people you talk to. There should be some kind of qualification and assessing whether a client is a good fit or not. Remember that you don’t need every client in the world. Your NO is very powerful to getting referrals.

And when you tell people NO, you do it for the right reasons. Leverage that because these people will be shocked. Tell the wrong people NO and then nurture the relationship. Follow up with those people as well. You don’t realize that these people, your contacts can refer far more than clients. 

Just do the right thing and exceeding expectations, and business will come to you.

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