[E265] Clarity, Confidence, and Authority, with Jane Clare (Part 2)

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Authentic Persuasion Show
Authentic Persuasion Show
[E265] Clarity, Confidence, and Authority, with Jane Clare (Part 2)

There’s a balance of persuading people and moving people in the right way when it’s the right fit.

There’s some persuasion when you’re helping them get past a fear to make a decision, get over their own worries about change especially in this unprecedented times due to the COVID-19 Crisis.

Everyone’s kind of in a reset mode and a little bit more back into survival mode just looking for what’s true out there and what’s real. And also being smarter with their money, with their time, with their attention to what’s true & authentic.

A lot of people now are shifting their businesses online. But it takes some skills. People have to understand that the business principles stay the same, but the routes and tools used are very specific when online. It’s always a process. It takes time. It’s about your intentions and the goals you want to work at constantly.

Take responsibility on what you really need to do. This is the time to learn, practice and master on how you can grow your online business organically.

If you’re a coach or a consultant and you’re looking to build your business online, check out Jane Clare’s website at Jane Clare Coaching

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